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Bold Bessie Coleman

Two years before Amelia Earhart, Bessie Coleman took the world by storm!

Coleman, Bessie [Digital image]. (n.d.). Retrieved February 5, 2021, from online.infobase.com/Auth/Index?aid=10305&itemid=WE01&iid=133257

file available thru Delaware County Libraries African American History Online

Watch Sam Mag's Wonder Women book video for a quick overview.

This PBS clip tells Bessie's story: A pioneer in women's aviation, Bessie Coleman was the first, licensed African American pilot. After flying to America, she became a celebrity. Excerpt from the documentary, "Chicago Stories: Bessie Coleman."

Hear from Gigi Coleman, Bessie's great-aunt, to hear about her continuing influence.

Library books about Bessie Coleman. Catalog link to place a request.

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