• Cynthia Long

Goodnight Veggies

It’s gardening time!

We planted tomatoes, green peppers, eggplants, pumpkins, and herbs

in the Library Community Garden last week, and it’s a great time to read

Goodnight Veggies by Diana Murray and Zachariah OHora.

The text is alliterative –“turnips tucked in tightly”– and clever. Potatoes close their eyes, cabbages nod their heads, and “cranky corn” covers up its ears. The beets, naturally, are “simply beat.”

Cuddly cauliflowers and reading rhubarbs have the potential to transform even unpopular vegetables into endearing ones.

The illustrations chronicle a worm burrowing beneath the various vegetables, and both worm and vegetables are smiling throughout (except cranky corn and snoring celery.)

In a two-page spread, the ending text explains why the vegetables are so tired: “for nothing’s more exhausting than growing day and night.” The worm falls asleep in his burrow home beneath the beets.

A great selection for home or library storytime.

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